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CONNECTED Networking Group 

Our mission is to create a fun and comfortable space for the business community to MEET, COLLABORATE, and GROW!

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The CONNECTED Advantage

Join our thriving community, grow your skills, and accomplish your BIG goals!

  • Relationship and Community Focus

    If you love making more sales but hate being "pushy," this is the group for you. Join a group of servant-leaders who believe in helping others, creating community, and creating win-win situations for bigger and faster results!

  • Ongoing training and development

    Doing the same thing gets the same results. Learn new skills at every event so that you continue improving, and becoming a greater asset to your business and your community!

  • Momentum and Growth

    Be part of a movement to create CONNECTED communities that is growing by 80 to 100 new members every single month! That means growing your network is easier than ever!

  • Multiple Locations

    Build deep relationships in your local community while you expand your visibility, influence, and reach through several locations across the Columbus market!

  • Online and In-Person Opportunities

    Efficiently build quality relationships through our online and in-person networking opportunities to get results. FAST! 

  •   "Virtual Networking Events"

    Can't make it to local events due to scheduling, transportation, childcare, or any other reasons? Now, you can join our cutting-edge Virtual Networking Events to expand your network from the comfort of your home or office!